Outsulite® Securock® ExoAir® 430

Industry-Leading Panel System with Dryvit Outsulation and Securock ExoAir 430 Air Barrier

Outsulite® Securock® ExoAir® 430 Highlights

The most versatile Modulite panel system, Outsulite® provides the strength and versatility to configure to any panel shape. Outsulite panels are a lightweight alternative to conventional systems, providing a single structural system for supporting the exterior cladding, window systems and other accessories.

The Securock ExoAir 430 System is a high-performance, energy efficient air and water barrier system comprised of the USG’s Securock® Brand UltraLight Glass-Mat Sheathing, Tremco’s ExoAir 430 membrane, as well as system accessories. Securock ExoAir 430 is a pre-applied fluid-applied synthetic permeable air/water barrier. It has a monolithic, elastomeric membrane that is applied in a factory setting. This can eliminate the inconsistencies and weather impact that can occur when applied in the field.

Features & Benefits:
  • Maximum insulation in a single structural system for supporting cladding, window systems and more
  • Perfect for tight job sites
  • Single structural system for supporting cladding, fenestration systems and more
  • Controlled factory application of Securock Exoair 430 ensures proper mil thickness and membrane uniformity
  • Outsulite with Securock ExoAir 430 option can speed your project without compromising performance.